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About Us

Colin Darling (coach/owner) and Hillary Widdifield (coach)

email: colin@crossfitsteinbach.com


Colin and Hillary are the duo behind CrossFit Steinbach. They have both been doing CrossFit officially since 2010, although Colin likes to think he did some form of CrossFit for a year and a half in his basement prior to starting at CrossFit Winnipeg.

Apart from CrossFit, Colin has been a duathlete, runner, climber, and badminton player. He used to be an environmental chemist at Environment Canada and Fisheries and Oceans. He coached CrossFit part-time while working full-time for the DFO in Winnipeg. He thought coaching was a lot of fun, and was inspired to open CrossFit Steinbach in 2012 and help people move better.

His courses include:
CrossFit Level One (2011)
CrossFit Level Two (2016)
Agatsu Kettlebell Level One (2010)
CrossFit Gymnastics (2011)
CrossFit Mobility (2012)
Functional Movement Screening and Corrective Exercise Level 1&2 Seminar (2012)
Varbanov Olympic Lifting (2012)
Ido Portal Movement X (2012)
Gymnastic Bodies Seminar (2014)
Catalyst Athletics Level One Olympic Weightlifting Course (2015)
Agatsu Lower Body Mobility and Movement – Level 1 (2016)
Agatsu Upper Body Mobility and Movement – Level 1 (2017)
Agatsu Indian Club and Mace Certification (2017)
Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C (2016)

Hillary’s athletic background consists of competitive downhill skiing, competitive show jumping, running, rowing, and climbing. She is currently a physician, and spends some of her limited free time lifting heavy stuff in the gym.

Hillary’s courses include:
CrossFit Level One (2011, 2016)
CrossFit Gymnastics (2011)
CrossFit Mobility (2012)
Varbanov Olympic Lifting (2012)
Catalyst Athletics Level One Olympic Weightlifting Course (2015)
Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance Level Two
Canadian Ski Coaches Federation Level 1
National Coaching Certification Program Level 2


 Lisa Allmendinger (Coach) (email lisa@crossfitsteinbach.com)


I’m Lisa, a mother of two energetic girls, aged 6 and 8. I have a huge passion for fitness and nutrition, and I am very excited to be able to share my passion with you all here at CrossFit Steinbach! My athletic background has been primarily in sports (I played soccer, volleyball, basketball, badminton, baseball), Ukrainian dancing, and endurance running (5 km, 10 km, and 21 km distances). I found CrossFit Steinbach in December 2012, and fell in love with this sport. Shortly after, I began competing in local competitions, in both CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting, and still compete to this day. In 2017, I competed in the team division of the CrossFit West Regional in Portland, Oregon, where my team placed 19th overall.

My passion for this sport led me to coaching in January 2015. I love coaching, teaching new movements, sharing new mobility pieces, and being able to assist you all in achieving your goals! Coaching is so rewarding, and I am so lucky to have such amazing members to work with every day! Outside of the gym, I can be found meal prepping, and spending time with my girls. We love spending time outside, finding as many adventures as we can! We love biking, hiking, camping, swimming and exploring nature in the summer. In the winter, we love skiing, playing outside in the snow, and playing board games together. Life with those two is always an adventure!


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2015)
CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting (2015)
CrossFit Mobility (2015)
CrossFit Gymnastics (2016)
CrossFit Judges Course (2015, 2016, 2017)
Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Level C Certified


Annick Duma (Coach) (email annick@crossfitsteinbach.com)

I don’t have much of an athletic background other than playing some volleyball and badminton in high school and, of course, gym class (which was, ironically, my LEAST favourite class).  It wasn’t until I was introduced to CrossFit in early 2015 that I actually found exercise fun, and enjoyed it so much that it became all I talk about!

I started my On Ramp classes at CrossFit Steinbach with my sister Roxanne in January of 2015 and I loved learning all these different movements I had no idea existed.  In no time, I fell in love with CrossFit!  After about 18 months since beginning on-ramp, I started thinking about how great it would be to become a coach, to help others fall in love with CrossFit and discover what their bodies are capable of! I began shadowing in June 2016 and coaching solo in November 2016.

Outside of the gym, you can find me at the University of Saint-Boniface where I’m taking classes in the Faculty of Sciences for my Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry or Biology. I also love to spend time with my family, take pictures with Roxanne’s dog, Gizmo, and meal prep while watching Grey’s Anatomy!

I can’t wait to see you in my classes!

Courses completed:
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2016)
CrossFit Judges Course (2016)
CrossFit Gymnastics (2016)
CrossFit Anatomy Course (2016)
CPR Certified (2016)

Prairie Crossfit Throwdown (2015)
FrostFit (2016)
CrossFit Winnipeg Summer Showdown (2016)
Starke Games (2016)
Manitoba Open Championships (2016) (Olympic Weightlifting)
Manitoba Junior & Senior Championships (2016) (Olympic Weightlifting)
Prairie CrossFit 3.0 Competition (2017)


Roxanne Gauthier (coach) (email roxanne@crossfitsteinbach.com)

I’ve been a member of CFS since January 2015, when I took my On Ramp course, and I’ve barely left the gym since! I wasn’t big into the typical high school sports. However, I spent 6 years as a speed skater and 3 of those years were spent on the territorial team in Nunavut which gave me the opportunity to travel as far as Kenai, Alaska for a competition. That drive to compete has definitely crossed over into my CrossFit world as I’ll be competing in my 3rd CrossFit competition in January 2017.

On the rare occasion that I’m not at the gym, you can either find me at home buried under a mountain of tupperware and meal prep or spending time with my husband, our dog, Gizmo and more than likely, my sister Annick would also be nearby.

I took my passion for CrossFit one step further when I transitioned from athlete to coach during the summer of 2016. I love being able to help others achieve their goals and better themselves. Thank you to all of our amazing members who have been so welcoming during this transition!

Courses completed:
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (2016)
CrossFit Gymnastics (2016)
CrossFit Online Scaling Course (2016)
CPR Certified (2016)


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