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Good eating

Whole Life Challenge – If you need some motivation to change your lifestyle and nutrition for the better, check out this site. (http://www.wholelifechallenge.com/).

Wildfire Farms (http://www.wildfirefarms.ca/) – If you are looking for beef or pork that has been raised in the way nature intended, drop Cory and Meaghan a line.

Steinbach Farmer’s Market (http://fmam.ca/steinbach-farmers-market)

Links to various farmer’s markets in Manitoba (http://www.buylocalthinkglobal.com/Farmers_Markets_in_Manitoba.php)

Local produce and food shares (http://www.godsacres.ca/csa.html).



We can certainly help you with your physical activity output, but the other critical aspect of health and fitness is nutrition, i.e. what you put into your body. I’ve come across figures from several sources that suggest that 80 percent of your body composition is due to nutrition, and the other 20 percent is due to your physical activity.

Some CrossFit gyms strongly endorse the so-called “Paleo” (short for paleolithic) diet, and while we personally don’t fully subscribe to all of its principles, it is a very good place to start. Google it, and approach it with a critical mind, as you should with anything. Please note that a strict Paleo diet may not provide enough carbohydrates for very active individuals.

Some other websites to check out:




Thinking about taking some supplements? Check here first: ConsumerLab.com.


Taking care of your body

It’s great to work and play hard, but you have to prep your body for workouts and life, and also help it recover properly. Part of that process is working on mobility issues, and dealing with small issues before they become bigger problems. Here are some places to start looking:

Mobility WOD – This site is a great resource for many movement issues that you may need to work on. Do a search on the site for your issue (e.g. squat mobility, tight shoulders, etc.). We also have Mobility WOD posters in the gym that show lots of good stretches and mobilization drills to help with various issues. Tweaked your back somehow? Here’s a great place to start getting those muscles calmed down.

Ido Portal – Ido is first and foremost a movement guy, but his 30/30 Squat Challenge, and 30 day hanging challenge (7 minutes per day) are great places to start to work on your squat mobility and shoulder issues.

ROMWOD – ROM stands for Range Of Motion, and this website provides you with a daily mobility video to help you take care of your body. Click on the ad below for an extended 14 day trial (normal trial period is 7 days).

ROMWOD - Optimize Your Range of Motion.



Travelling? Don’t lose your fitness gains just because you’re on the road! There are lots of workouts you can do with little to no equipment. Here’s a good start.


Shoes for foot health – We often get asked the question, “What shoes should I wear for CrossFit?”. The better question is, “What shoes should I wear for life in general?” This article is a great summary of basic shoe function, and what you should look for when buying shoes for fitness and/or life. I like the fact that the article isn’t overtly biased towards “barefoot” style shoes, but instead recognizes that there has to be a slow progression towards shoes that let your feet move more freely. If all you’ve ever worn are restrictive shoes with a significant heel-to-toe drop, it will take a while for your feet to adapt to the new positions and sensations. As with anything else, a gradual progression is the smart way to go about it.

The basic summary is: get shoes that let your feet and ankles work as they should.

Olympic weightlifting videos

One of the ways you can improve your Olympic weightlifting technique (besides just putting in some practice time with a good coach) is to watch some videos of the pros. Hookgrip is a great source of videos of high level lifters. Check out their YouTube channel here.


CrossFit and pregnancy

We of course defer to the recommendations of your doctor, but if they give you the all clear, staying active during your pregnancy is definitely a possibility, and will help you rebound quicker. Here are some movement recommendations (link, link2) if you are currently doing CrossFit.


Starting CrossFit

Here’s a great list of articles and videos on what to expect when starting CrossFit.



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